CDRA Gig on the Green 2021

The organisers ūü§Ē

This event is run by the Crawley Down Residents Association (CDRA) & Creative Spark. 

The CDRA is a non-political and non-sectarian unincorporated association who operate in Crawley Down, West Sussex for the good of the local community.

Creative Spark are specialists in technical services, supporting events, venues, theatres, schools and more. The company is run by local residents Claire & Dan Terry.

Sponsor the gig ūüĎć

Are you an organisation / company who wants to support this community event? Please get in touch today to sponsor this event!

In exchange for your money, your organisation / company will get lots of exposure locally both in advance of, and on the day of, the event! 

Click here to find out more here

Donate now ūüėÉ

If you would like to make a donation to the CDRA to support this event, in exchange for nothing more than a great event and our immense thanks, please click on the button below.

2023 Sponsors ūüôŹ

Platinum - SUP Foods

Gold - The Martins Funeral Directors, Orca Plumbing and Heating, Caravantastic and Lodgetastic, & Signature Me

Silver - ASL Carpentry Ltd, Portland Vets, Long Acres Caravan and Camping Park, & Clarion Futures

Bronze - Stephens Aerials, SPM Heating, Gatwick Airport & Tarana Turners Hill 

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